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It’s time to get rid of the word ‘should’

By: Caroline Sage
Chair & Founde
When you are a parent running a business, is it far too easy to get bogged down by all the ‘shoulds’, especially because they are often contradictory. I should be getting home in time to see my children before they go to bed. I should be working late in the office. It’s hardly surprising that we end up feeling confused and guilty that we are letting everyone down.
It’s time to stop feeling bad because there is no one size fits all. If you prefer staying at work late and missing seeing your children before bed, there is no shame in that. Equally if you love spending time with your children before they go to bed that is fine too. You simply tell your team that you will be uncontactable between 6pm and 7pm. Both options are just as valid; you just have to own it and be comfortable with your decision. No-one has yet invented a time machine that enables you to be in two places at once, and until they do, you need to stop feeling bad about having to make a choice. You can still be an amazing parent if you prefer to stay late at work, and equally you can still be an amazing boss if you prefer to race home to see your children before they go to bed. It doesn’t mean that you are not passionate and committed to either your work or your family, it simply means that you are a human being.


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